This realistic type of  training is very effective in teaching employees correct procedures while allowing them to also see the consequences of what could happen if they do not follow established operating procedures. Our program allows employees to fully participate in the training process, practice their skills and develop their knowledge.

The hands on ammonia based industrial refrigeration training at Garden City Community College offers a unique opportunity. Refrigeration engineers and technicians from food processing, meat packing, refrigerated warehousing, petro chemicals, pharmaceuticals, air conditioning and many other 21st Century applications have an opportunity to use real equipment for their training.

Ammonia refrigeration is the newest element in GCCC's Industrial Production Technology program. Other offerings include Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electric Motor Control Centers and Programmable Logic Controls.


  • Ammonia refrigeration plant safety
  • Basic ammonia refrigeration principles
  • PID development
  • Component identification
  • Starting the system and getting it on-line
  • Operate the system and achieving stability
  • System shut-down
  • Pump down procedures
  • Oil filling and draining procedures
  • Purging of non-condensable gases
  • Changing operating parameters
  • Determining the load on the system
  • Determining operating efficiencies



  • Fundamentals of system troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • System performance evaluation
  • AC frequency drives and their use in Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Sensors: temperature, pressure and liquid levels their use and calibration
  • Automated operation
  • Two stage system operation



  • Motor Alignment / Laser
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Compressor Tear-Down and Rebuild
  • Valve Tear-Down and Rebuild
  • Mechanical Seal Replacement
  • Water Treatment
  • Oil Analysis
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Sizing Valves and SRVs
  • Minimization of Condensation (Psychrometrics)
  • Piping code problems and solutions
  • Piping integrity and insulation



  • A general Overview of PSM and RMP Regulations
  • Ongoing Employee Participation
  • Application of Management of Change
  • Maintenance of SOP’s and EOP’s
  • Program Audit Requirements
  • Pre-startup Safety Checklists
  • Process Hazard Analysis Revalidation
  • Worst Case Release Scenario



  • Power Factor
  • Load Calculations
  • System Operations
  • Ladder Logic
  • Tank Capacities
  • Troubleshooting Systems
  • Saturated Refrigerant Tables
  • Pressure-Enthalpy Diagrams
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Theoretical Discharge Temperature
  • Horsepower, Kilowatt Usage, Operating Costs
  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • Secondary Coolants
  • DX, Flooded, and Overfeed Systems
  • Non-Condensable

   RETA Certification Test
   Optional RETA CARO and CIRO test given on Friday at 12:30 pm
   Testers: Please contact Dan at RETA at least 2 weeks prior to class for test application and scheduling.
   Ph: 541.497.2959 or 541.497.2955 or fax: 541.497.2966  / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.