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You are invited to participate in a joint effort between Industry and Garden City Community College. A three million dollar facility is available to provide a timely and effective "hands-on" approach to learning.

The hands on industrial training at Garden City Community College offers a unique opportunity to technicians and engineers (from food processing, meat packing and refrigerated warehousing, gas and oil, petro chemicals and many other 21st century applications) for training on Allen-Bradley equipment.

Offerings include Electric Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controls, Electricity, Ammonia Refrigeration, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and Mechanical Maintenance.

The hands-on training sessions run for five days starting on a Monday and meeting daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on Friday (unless noted otherwise).

Industrial Electricity
Basic Electrical Motor Controls
Advanced Electrical Motor Controls 

Basic A-B Controllers PLC-5 / SLC-500
Control Logix
Advanced A-B Controllers PLC-5 / SLC-500
Frequency Drives 

Basic Motor Controls
Electrical Review
Motor Basics
Meter Use
Line diagrams and documentation
Two-wire & three wire control
Solid State Soft Starts
Multi Station operators
Motor sequences
Common vs Separate Control Voltage
Frequency Drive Basics

Advanced Motor Controls
Interposing Relays
Jog Control Circuits
Forward/Reverse starters (NEMA & IEC)
2 Wire Soft Start Control
3 Wire Soft Start Control
2 Wire VFD Control
3 Wire VFD Control
Timer Relays and Motor Sequences
Wye-Delta Starters
Multi-Speed Starters
Power Factor Monitoring

Basic Programmable Logic Controllers
PLC System Components & Setup
I/O configuration and wiring
Basic Ladder Diagram
XIO/XIC/OTE/OTL/OTU instructions
Basic Logic Functions (AND, OR, NOT)
Controlling Program Flow

Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
Math Instructions
Compare and Logic Instructions
Data Manipulation Instructions
Shift Registers
Analog I/O
Network options