Process Safety Management / Risk Management Plans for the Ammonia Operator

Is your plant in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations?  Are your ammonia refrigeration operators trained to keep your plant safe using PSM/RMP procedures?  Would you feel prepared for an OSHA or EPA inspection tomorrow?  If not, do as hundreds of other plants are doing, and make operator training at Garden City Community College part of your PSM/RMP program requirements.

Garden City Community College is proud to announce the newest addition to the list of training programs specifically developed with the Industrial Ammonia Operator in mind. Process Safety Management / Risk Management Plans for the Ammonia Operator is now available on our calendar.

This unique class addresses PSM and RMP plans from a different perspective based on iiar materials. While most seminars and training are aimed at what a company must do to get into compliance with these regulations, this course is intended to aid the refrigeration operator, supervisor, manager or safety manager in staying in compliance after his or her company program is in place.

Topics covered in this class will include:

- A general Overview of PSM and RMP Reg
- Ongoing Employee Participation
- Application of Management of Change
- Maintenance of SOP’s and EOP’s
- Program Audit Requirements
- Pre-startup Safety Checklists
- Process Hazard Analysis Revalidation
- Worst Case Release Scenario

Cost: $1,185



  • February 19-23, 2018
  • June 18-22, 2018

Space is limited, so be sure and reserve your space today in one of these classes. For further information call  (620) 276-9520.